June finds more examples of media convergence. Here are just three:

Comcast to Offer Customers Skype Video Calls on Their TVs (NYT): If I told you five years ago that there’s a device capable of bringing you movies, games, apps, web access and video phone calls, you’d assume (correctly) it must be a PC. Today phone and TV sets are also acceptable answers. Read More >>

Why Search Marketers Are The Media Planners of the Future (Searchengineland): The future is now in Empower’s opinion. We’ve been proclaiming the powerful relationship between search and display for some time now. And this article reminds us that the challenge of integration has changed along with convergence. In the past integration in marketing applied more to aspects of timing and visual consistency. Now taking the benefits of each platform into account are critical. And this is more than simply having the specs for each format (broadcast, online, OOH and print). It is for us.

Learning to Share: The Relational Logics of Media Franchising (MIT’s Futures of Entertainment Blog): This one’s a bit more of a deep think based on format and publisher alone, but the focus in on transmedia storytelling and “the media franchise.”

“Ultimately, this study recognizes that any attempt to define the media franchise once and for all is an exercise in futility, as its slippery cultural meanings are perhaps what make it such a versatile means of understanding a wide variety of media practices.”

But as we note above, telling stories across platforms where the message is the same, but it takes advantage of each platform’s unique capabilities, requires us to dig into this “futile exercise” and understand it better.

By Kevin Dugan, Director of Marketing

transmedia storytelling uploaded by Will Lion

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